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Strongman training has gained significant popularity in recent years, thanks to its ability to build impressive levels of strength and power. One of the signature exercises in strongman training is tire flipping, which targets the entire body and develops explosive strength like few other exercises can.

The Benefits of Tire Flipping

Tire flipping has numerous benefits that make it a favorite among strongmen and strength enthusiasts:

Full-Body Workout: Tire flipping engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously, challenging your legs, back, shoulders, and core.

Explosive Power: The explosive nature of tire flipping trains your body to generate force quickly, improving your overall power output.

Functional Strength: The movements involved in tire flipping mirror real-world activities, making it a practical exercise for everyday life.

Improved Conditioning: Tire flipping elevates your heart rate and enhances cardiovascular endurance, contributing to better overall fitness.

Proper Technique

Executing the tire flip with correct form is crucial to prevent injuries and maximize its effectiveness. Follow these tips for proper technique:

1. Set Up

Approach the tire from a low position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your hands should be placed shoulder-width inside the tire’s edges and your hips slightly lower than your shoulders.

2. Drive with Your Legs

As you initiate the flip, focus on driving with your legs. Push forcefully against the ground while keeping your back straight and engaging your core. This leg drive is what generates the initial force to lift the tire.

3. Explode Upward

Once the tire begins to lift off the ground, explosively drive your hips upward, extending your whole body. Imagine jumping vertically while holding onto the tire. This explosive movement allows for a smoother flip.

4. Use Your Arms

Once the tire has reached its highest point, use your arms to push it over, using their strength to complete the flip. Ensure your elbows are fully extended to maximize leverage.

5. Land Safely

As the tire flips over, step back and safely guide it to the ground. Maintain control throughout the movement to prevent any potential injuries.

Progressive Overload

To continue seeing progress with tire flipping, it’s important to implement progressive overload. Here are some ways to increase the challenge:

Heavier Tires: Gradually upgrade to larger and heavier tires as you build strength and master the technique.

Increase Reps and Sets: Gradually increase the number of flips per set and the total number of sets in your workout.

Decrease Rest Time: Aim to reduce the rest time between sets, challenging your cardiovascular endurance while maintaining explosiveness.

Mental Focus and Mind-Muscle Connection

Aside from physical technique, mental focus is crucial to excel at tire flipping. Develop a strong mind-muscle connection to enhance your performance:

Visualize Success: Before attempting a tire flip, visualize yourself executing it with proper form and ease. This mental imagery builds confidence and primes your body for success.

Concentrate on Muscles Engaged: During the exercise, focus on feeling the muscles working. Connect with the contraction and exertion of your legs, core, back, and shoulders.

Positive Self-Talk: Encourage yourself throughout the process. Use positive affirmations to stay motivated and push through challenging sets.

Incorporating Tire Flipping into Your Routine

Tire flipping can be a standalone workout or integrated into your existing strength training routine. Here are a few ways to incorporate it:

Strength and Power Days: Designate one or two days per week solely for tire flipping to focus on building explosive strength.

Circuit Training: Include tire flips in a circuit-style workout to elevate your heart rate while targeting various muscle groups.

Supersetting: Pair tire flips with exercises that complement its benefits, such as squats, deadlifts, or overhead presses.


Tire flipping is a challenging and rewarding exercise that can help you develop explosive strength while providing a full-body workout. With proper technique, progressive overload, and mental focus, you can continuously improve your tire flipping performance and reap the benefits it offers. So, grab a tire, put these tips into action, and start building the explosive strength that strongman training is known for!

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